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About Us

ePay Africa is a money remitter that uses cutting edge technology to deliver impeccable service.  Founded in 2015, The Company strives to provide a customer experience far superior to the competition. In partnership with money transfer regulatory bodies, banks and other e-commerce companies, ePay Africa ensures convenient, secure and reliable services.<\/p>\n\n

As technology advances, we need technological solutions that simplify and enhance our lives. With better phones launching every year, mobile apps are the companions that link users to their needs and wants: with this in mind we created ePay Africa to be a helper and to provide the most convenient means to reach out and impact your loved ones.<\/p>\n\n

ePay Africa, life meets convenience.<\/strong>”<\/p>\n\n

We are in business to serve our valued customers. To achieve this, we have a foundation that mandates uttermost customer security. Through advanced technological tools, we are able to securely identify our customers by the information provided.  To delight our customers, our app is user friendly, simple and seamless. Further, the transaction time is minimal as compared to other providers.<\/p>\n\n

ePay Africa provides world class service, Period.<\/strong>”<\/p>\n\n